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A Day in the Life of Pantoland

We all know the magical tales of Cinderella, Aladdin and Jack and the Beanstalk and that good always triumphs over evil, but what exactly goes on behind the scenes? Just who is behind the magic of Pantoland and what do they get up to on an average day?
This year, to mark Panto Day’s second birthday, a new project entitled ‘A Day in the Life of Pantoland’ is being launched. Using Facebook, companies, theatres and individuals will be invited to post their Pantoland photos, videos and stories on the Panto Day 2012 Facebook page and provide outsiders with a special glimpse inside the Industry.
As well as theatres, companies and individuals uploading their very own ‘panto sneak peeks’ on Panto Day itself, in the run up to Wednesday 5th December, the Facebook page will act as a gallery for this season’s pantomime posters.
Many of the performers featured in the posters will be taking an active role on Panto Day. Star of CBeebies’ Justin’s House and seasoned panto performer Jane Deane is just one of numerous cast members to have signed up to Panto Day’s Live Tweeting, which will see her tweeting throughout the day as she rehearses for her role as Jenny the Jester in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham.
Jane Deane said:
“I think that pantomime is somehow in-grained into the subconscious of the Great British public; the mere mention of pantomime to a Brit seems to invoke a deep affection and enthusiasm for the tradition. There is a fascination with it like no other art form; it brings all ages together for two glorious hours of magic, laughter and wonder. Panto Day lifts the lid, just a little, on how the magic is created. The rehearsal process, the backstage dramas and some of the tricks of the trade! Was that ad-lib, really an ad-lib? Or do they do that every night? How much is actually in the script and how much is made up as they go along? Is there even a script? How does the beanstalk grow? The pumpkin transform into a carriage? Has a pyro ever set fire to a fairy? Hopefully Panto Day will reveal (almost) all!”
As well as following Jane’s tweets @JaneDeane, panto passionistas are invited to follow Panto Day’s official Twitter feed @Panto_Day and Panto Day’s very own Dame @HettieHashtag. Leading up to Panto Day on Wednesday 5th December, @Panto_Day will bring followers news of Panto Day’s celebrations using Panto Day’s official hashtag #panto in conjuction with celebratepanto.co.uk and www.facebook.com/PantoDay2012.
And for all of those hoping to break into the Industry, Wednesday 5th December also sees the launch of the ‘Panto Advice Page’ on celebratepanto.co.uk, where directors, writers and dames galore will be sharing their panto pearls of wisdom.

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